motomarina ignition

im in desprate need of a franco morini m1 ignition the one i have is a cev model number 6420 but ill take any one i can get it just has to work

Re: motomarina ignition

Are you asking for a coil??? I'm working on a custom based on a Moto engine so far a Trac, Puch , 6-volt VW ,Kawasaki AR50 and the Tomos coils work. Pretty much all 6 volt ignitions work the same almost any 6-volt coils work too. Just make sure you're running a condensor if it's not built in

Re: motomarina ignition

no im asking for the hole thing(statorplate coils pointsand condensor)

Re: motomarina ignition

Hmm... toughie, I think that's a Ducati plate possibly the same as a Tomos A3. Anyone ?????

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