Peugeot TSE

Anyone ever heard of a Peugeot TSE? It's a dirt bike style moped (photo attached) that appears to be kinda rare.

The bike isn't complete and needs a drive sprocket, a chain, a peddle and some other small parts.

Anyone know anything about where to find parts for this type of moped? Also looking for a shop manual.




Re: Peugeot TSE

get it. look just like a TSM which has a fantastic engine. you will be able to find all those parts very easily. as far as a manual will be much much harder but almost any puegeot manual should do. only thing that might be different is the wiring. kit that thing out and take it off road dude. dirtbike's with pedals are really rare.

Re: Peugeot TSE

Any idea where I can find parts? Are any of them generic with the more popular Peugeot brands?

Re: Peugeot TSE

which parts? you will probably spend a year or 2 looking for a gas tank, but a carb would take you 5 mins. need to be more specific dude.

Re: Peugeot TSE

I'm looking for the main drive sprocket, a chain, right side peddle (and arm). Mostly the sprocket assembly (the one that powers not the one on the wheel).

Also need some of plastic side covers, although that kind of thing might be hard to find.

BTW did you guy know that when searching for French parts, Ebay France isn't included in the search. You have to actually go to for results.

Thanks much.

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