'07 tomos revival ts

just recently moved from richmond to berryville va, dont have any need for my ped anymore. good condition, foot pegs no pedals, no more than 450 miles.lost owners manual,no button cover for electronic ignition (still works just doesnt look very pretty), and i sawed off the end and bored out a lil bit of the exhaust, goes about 33 now instead of the original 30 and is loud as all hell. looking for 1500, if you need pics of exhaust up close, ignition, or others just tell me... my email is lunchologist@hotmail.com


Re: '07 tomos revival ts

you're not gunna get anyone who wants that willing to pay over $1000....

Re: '07 tomos revival ts

thats alright it was worth a shot, i paid around 1800 for it brand new. seems most people on this site are only into the vintage peds anyways. i'll prolly try n get a 70cc airsal then try again for a lil bit cheaper. thanks for the feed....

Re: '07 tomos revival ts

plus i figured someone would try to haggle a lil bit...

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