Mopeds for 2-300 bucks

Hey everyone,

If anyone in Minneapolis or in the metro area of Minnesota has one of these mopeds they would like to sell, I am interested in buying. All i ask is that the bike is complete, running or near-running, and have a title or bill of sale.

I would like these bikes if you have them:


Motron-1980 Medalist or Sprint

Motobecane-vintage to late 70s

Garelli-any model from 70s, 80s

Honda- Hobbit 50cc model, any year

Anything similar to the bikes listed is also appreciated.



Re: Mopeds for 2-300 bucks

Paul, if you're in the $300 range, now we're talking. I can totally hook you up with a Tomos ped at that price. If you bought one, I don't think you'd be disappointed at all. I'm located one hour south of the TCs. I'll be available in 2 weeks to show them to you.

1. 1979 - Tomos Bullet. Orange red color. Paint is good. Has side covers, all the parts, runs. Bill of sale

2. 1984 Tomos silver Bullet. Paint is good, side covers, runs. title.

I have a bunch of parts too, so we can maybe work some deal out with them if you need some stuff.

For real, $300 range, the ped is yours! No messing around! The price is what made me hesitate in the last thread.

If you can wait 2 weeks, we can meet up then. Email me if you're interested.

Kyle M

Re: Mopeds for 2-300 bucks

Thanks Kyle, I'd appreciate it. I'm open to Tomos, but I want to see what anyone else has too. If anyone's got any decent mopeds out there that fit what I listed, let me know


Re: Mopeds for 2-300 bucks


Sure thing.

Re: Mopeds for 2-300 bucks

I might be interested as well. Whereabouts exactly are you? Rochester? I'll be in Roch here in 2 weeks...

Re: Mopeds for 2-300 bucks


Hey. I'm located in Red Wing, which is a town about a 1 hour drive away from Rochestor. I'll be free in 2 weeks too. We can meet up whenever.


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