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I am looking to purchase a 2005 2006 tomos lx. I live in south New Jersey and there is only one shop called Hales down here. I really do not like the guy that owns it so i am looking to travel to a farther away store. Can anyone give me a moped store that i could go to and if the have a web site.


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Your best bet is to buy a used one dude. there are a lot of people that buy tomos mopeds when they are 14-16 put a lot of work and parts into them and then sell them when they get their drivers liscence.

instead of paying 1600 for a new bike you could pay 1100 for a 1-2 year old bike with 300-400 worth of aftermarket parts in it.

check the buy/sell section there are always a lot of bikes for sale in NJ. also check out

its up to you though you might be happy with a brand new bike with less problems. But i can almost promise you that soon you will want to buy a tecno estoril pipe, bigger carb and an athena kit. why not get it all now for much cheaper?

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but if u insist theres steves moped in duemont-

or these 2

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