WTB Spaco Carb

i am looking for a spaco carb, 16mm, male mount, hand operated choke

50cc.nl only has the 18mm's

where else can i find one?

Re: WTB Spaco Carb

no spaco carbs?

Re: WTB Spaco Carb

Pic Plz.

just for reference.

Re: WTB Spaco Carb

no, more like this

knock off dellorto

i need a 16 bad, i coud probably get away using a 17mm, but i dont want to go much bigger than that


Re: WTB Spaco Carb

so, i was thinking i could just run the 18 that 50cc has, except its female mount, so thats not going to work

i can't seem to find many on e bay,

but i did find this cool bing, i have a similar one on a minarelli


Re: WTB Spaco Carb


This what ya need. (click attached)


Re: WTB Spaco Carb

What the hell?

try it again


Re: WTB Spaco Carb

Why not just get a 16mm PHBG, with male connection?

Re: WTB Spaco Carb

yeah except thats a small ass carb,

the phbg dellortos are twice the money as the spaco, and with the amount of bikes and projects i have going on, i cant afford $100 + carbs

i could get 2 spacos for the amount of 1 regular dellorto

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