almost mint 79 moby f/s

ok here it is

one red 1979 motobecane moby 50v

it has a new condensor, fuel filter, piston, rings, speedometer, spark plug and probably more i cant think of

right now it doesnt run

im almost positive it just needs the points to be adjusted or cleaned, but i could be wrong


a few scratches here and there, nothing major or anything, but it is almost 30 years old.

i have put a dellorto sha 14 12 in place of the gurtner carb which also comes with it

i have both side covers, one is cracked a bit.

the old speedo has 1637 miles and the one only has 2.6!

all the chrome is still very shiney with very few blemishes.

with a little fine tuning its worht over $7-800

im gonna see start at $600 being a bit flexible, i wont go much lower because its in great condition

when it was running it went past the 30mph on the speedo

anyother questions please just ask


Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

sorry didn't proof read that..

.pic. 2


Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

cough, cough 600? LOL.if it aint running, it aint friggin

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

thats why it says..."almost mint"

and i just went to try and start it again and i think it may be the timing not the points, but i didnt look too far into it

it should be an easy fix

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

See Ya Moped Army /

If it's an easy fix, why not just fix it?

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

too many projects + school + other mopeds + social life + not much money= me selling the moped

i may try to fix it tomorrow

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

not trying to be negative, but im selling a almost mint 80 moby with 810 miles for 550 dollars tagged and running.........(the one in my profile) you may be a bit high in your asking price and may want to drop it a little ..just a suggestion, no disrespect intended.......

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

mint mopeds have their magneto covers and original carbs.

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

i have my magneto cover and i do have the orginal carb...just the dellorto is on

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

also 600 is a starting price

you know no matter what i ask someone will try to talk me down

so you start a bit high

Re: almost mint 79 moby f/s

still availble

willing to work on price

trades considers

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