Southeast MI: Yamaha RX50

It's a 50cc bike, but it has a 5-speed transmission, which makes it not quite a moped in Michigan... although a friend rode it for years as a moped after the local PD told him he could. Go figure.

Great little bike- it'll do 50- but too small, physically, for me. (I'm looking for something like an Enduro to compliment the growing moped collection)

New battery, rebuilt carb, new brake lever, other bits and pieces. The only thing I'd change is the front fender, which is scraped along one edge, and perhaps the mirrors, so they'd match.

Yours for $850 cash, firm, pickup only. No shipping. Near Royal Oak, MI.


Re: Southeast MI: Yamaha RX50

Oh, and as you can see in the picture, the right grip is temporarily held together with tie-wraps; I have a new set on order that will be included.

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