Athena 70cc for Tomos

Last time I checked all the stores were sold out, anyone know if any of the places have gotten these in yet? I'm not looking for the complete kit with the carb and exhaust, just the engine/piston/ring.

Re: Athena 70cc for Tomos

Chris MWH

Re: Athena 70cc for Tomos

that link leads to a Athena Puch product

Re: Athena 70cc for Tomos

Most tomos cylinder kits were actually originally made for puch.


Re: Athena 70cc for Tomos

So no word on an athena for a Tomos? I'd get the puch one, and maybe i will, but i'm only going to have half my tools and one night to install it so i need an easy installation.

and airsals suck

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