WTB a35 tomos cylinder

need an inexpensive a35 cylinder, the exhaust studs on my broke off

Re: WTB a35 tomos cylinder

use a hacksaw and say enough into the studs to fit a screwdriver...unscrew...and put in new studs

Re: WTB a35 tomos cylinder

Take an easy out bit and take it out and then use allen bolt to bolt up the exaust.

Re: WTB a35 tomos cylinder

I would sell ya one, but you haven`t paid for the Puch cylinder kit that you were high bidder on 4 years ago.

Yes guys Chad, loquasious-boy, moped genius, radioflyer25 and who knows how many other phony names this deadbeat liar has used, is not to be trusted.


Re: WTB a35 tomos cylinder

thanks ike...i almost went and got one for him for cheep

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