I want a Puch Maxi

Please. I have wanted one of these for the longest time. When I first realized I wanted a moped I saw these and knew that that was what I wanted. Hook a brotha up. Make me an offer.

Re: I want a Puch Maxi

I could get you a junk heap that was once a nice new Maxi if you want. lol

Re: I want a Puch Maxi

Will it be able to be a maxi one day? Or is there no hope?

Re: I want a Puch Maxi

I have one for $650. It is the one in the picture in my profile.

It runs great, and is stock. I put the tall handlebars on it and the puch long seat. It has a clear title. Let me know.


Re: I want a Puch Maxi

Dude...I like that shit so much. It looks awesome. But unfortunately I only have like 450 cash. I mean if you want to lower the price that would rule...But thats all I got. Thanks though dude.

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