Will trade scooter for treadmill

No joke, I hate to do it but I have to hook my fionce up. She has been running daily on our treadmill trying to lose some post-pregnancy weight. She has been running her ass off and doing really good at it, then today our treadmill took a dump, so I'm looking for one. Must be motorized with an incline feature, and go at least 6-7 mph. I have a yamaha razz, runs and rides, needs a few things. Dont know the year, either 87 or 88 I believe. I know somebody has a nice new looking treadmill sitting around. Seems everybody that buys them uses them for 1 month and then they just sit there lol. I am in Holland Michigan, willing to drive 80 miles or less. Anybody??

Re: Will trade scooter for treadmill

tightie whitie /

nevermind, got one from my boss.

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