Buyer Beware

if ur thinkin about buyin this...dont...its my old targa and it went slow as anything with an airsol and a technigas and a 27th front sprocket...also everything constantly breaks.... so yea...just be this only if u would like to constantly have to fix things

heres the ped:

Re: Buyer Beware

oh thats real cool for you to do. Remind me to never buy anything from you. Maybe if you knew how to fix a moped, or how to maintain one then it would be in better condition.

Re: Buyer Beware

whoa nevermind there buddy, thought you were the douche from the performance column, my fault.

Re: Buyer Beware

lol...i read that and was like "come on now huffy, i have so much respect for u and to hear that? wuts the deal?"

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