Sears Free Spirit Frame $40

I've got this Sears frame for sale. If I could find a cheap Puch I'd rebuild it, but that hasn't happened. I have the shocks and exhaust for it also. Tanks rusty, seat has a tear in it, but it's a good starting point. I'm in RI. Pickup only.

Call Randy at 401 724-5072


Re: Sears Free Spirit Frame $40

Might be you still have the gas cap and handlebar mounts for it?

Re: Sears Free Spirit Frame $40

hey randy


one of the nicest guys on the planet in the Decepticons just got hit by a minivan on his freespirit and it got really messed up. he is looking for a replacement frame and yours looks just like his old one.

It would be going to a very very good home and i am sure he could work out a pickup of some sort. i will let him know about this post.

Re: Sears Free Spirit Frame $40

Hey, thanks for taking a look at this, but I'm pretty sure I found a buyer for this frame. Maybe someone can tell me how to delete this topic?

Thanks, Randy

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