looking for a moped...

Hi all,

I need some help finding a used moped for basic transportation. I figure my best bet is something local, to avoid shipping costs, but I am stymied as to where to look besides craigslist and the local paper classifieds. Neither are coming up with much. I am in new jersey, and looking to get onto a moped for less that 700$,



Re: looking for a moped...

You're in New Jersey and can't find a moped? Wow.

Re: looking for a moped...

I am thinking of selling the blue 1980 moby in my profile.its tagged titled, and runs great,,and its one of the cleanest mobys ive ever seen ,,It also has about 800 original miles.but I have 2 others that need restoration and ill never finish them unless i get rid of this 1 ...Ill decide what im going to ask and post it on here........I live in delaware and work in Dover

Re: looking for a moped...

no i cant if i did i wouldnt have said anything.

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