Kansas and surrounding states

Anyone got a ped they're looking to get rid of?? Buddy of mine needs one badly. Huge help if it goes at least 30 mph.


Kansas and surrounding states

Hey, my co-worker that was going to buy my Murray is sounding like she might not buy it now. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll know for sure. If she doesn't buy it it'll be up for grabs.

Kansas and surrounding states

Not to crap on a sale but that Murray had been previouslt titled in Kansas so I'm not sure how easily it will be to get it titled back. Might have to contact the former owner and have them file for lost title. I think that they are still alive. I just got something back from Kansas concerning a ped that I bought in MO - they want the title! Not sure why but they're asking for one. It's for my 84 Puch AD so maybe they were titling them then? They are checking!

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