Noob Help: Finding/buying/price

Hi all,

I need some help finding a used 'beat up' moped for basic transportation. I figure my best bet is something local, to avoid shipping costs, but I am stymied as to where to look besides craigslist and the local paper classifieds. Neither are coming up with much. I am in Phoenix, and looking to get onto a moped for less that 200$, and would be willing to do some work on it for that.

Any help? Are all mopeds now so well loved and rare that they sell for 500 and up?



Re: Noob Help: Finding/buying/price

pretty much, what you get for 200 or less, probably won't be rideable

Re: Noob Help: Finding/buying/price

Leon Swarmer /

Jerry lives in AZ and says that ped are very few and far between

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