Chicken Power/Orline, etc.

I recently bought an Orline/Chicken Power/Ohlsson & Rice motor for a bike. Am looking for manuals, instructions, etc., for this. Anyone ???

Re: Chicken Power/Orline, etc.

Pic doesn't work. Tough to find (real tough) There used to be a motorized bike club in Calif - gone. I have the Fox and a Bumble Bike version , (Fox)same company that made the model airplane engines .

Re: Chicken Power/Orline, etc.

BTW the Chicken Power slogan I believe was that it took 100 chickens to equal 1 horsepower ! Lil trivia for ya

Re: Chicken Power/Orline, etc.

I recently sold a Chicken Power motor that had all the paperwork with it for $220.00. I don`t remebmer who i sold it to?

I have an old chainsaw that has the same engine on it.


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