FS: 1980 Sparta Buddy (Sachs) + Parts

Im throwing around the idea of selling my 1980 Sparta Buddy. It has been a labor of love, but I have moved up to a smaller bike. It is in EXCELLLENT condition, with the only surface rust on the luggage rack below the seat. I also have a cache of parts that would go with it including a NOS seat, piston and rings, brake pads, speedo cable, brake cable, and throttle cable, taillight. And a tire too.

Currently the horn and tail light are not wired.

The bike runs fine very well. Milage is estomated at 4K. When I bought it in May the bike had a through look over. It recieved new cables, oils, front sprockets, and NOS decals. Good compression, always starts first kick. I actually was able to chose between 100 Sparta mopeds and this was the best in the lot. I have about $750 in it between parts and the bike itself. I would like to get most of that back. Im sure I will on eBay, but thought I would put it here first. I am located in Norfolk, Virginia. Post questions or reasonable offers here. Thanks! - laters

Re: FS: 1980 Sparta Buddy (Sachs) + Parts

Ha, I meant larger bike.

Re: FS: 1980 Sparta Buddy (Sachs) + Parts

Maitland Of the Loin /

how much for the girl


Re: FS: 1980 Sparta Buddy (Sachs) + Parts

$750 is way too much for that bike in this area. You should try your luck on ebay.

Re: FS: 1980 Sparta Buddy (Sachs) + Parts

How much for the brake pads and speedo cable?

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