WTB: Sachs 2 or 3 speed motor.

Hey, I Am lookin for one of those sachs 2-3 speeds. I have never found one but I thought I would see if one of you guys had one.


Re: WTB: Sachs 2 or 3 speed motor.

Hi Brad. I still have that 3 speed 505 motor. But I would need to get $310 firm shipped for it. I won it on ebay for $310 and it cost me $75 to have it shipped here to America. So I am taking a big loss on this. It will need a cylinder and piston for it. It comes with the clutch and shifter. But I have never had it hooked to a bike. I also have a parts manual to go with it. And that should help you figure out how everything is hooked up. I can except paypal or a money order. Email me if interested.


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