WTB sears kisckstand

my sears kickstand finally bit the dust, so im looking for a new one...

i think this is the same as the jc penney and possibly the same as the one on the maxis...

anybody have one?

Re: WTB sears kisckstand


Re: WTB sears kisckstand

its longer than the normal maxi one because it sits higher. were talking about a free spirit right? just letting you know so you dont accidently buy a maxi one. not sure if its the same as a j.c. penny, i never had one, but my freespirits is alot longer then my maxis.

Re: WTB sears kisckstand

yeah its a freespirit. shit. i was gonna buy a maxi one. it looks pretty close.... anyway, one side had a hole in it when i bought the bike, and one ear was missing... the other side snapped off a couple days ago... ive been leaning it in the shed and on trees when i ride it. lol any idea where to buy one of these?



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