FS: Complete kitted fast 2speed puch engine

I have a great engine for sale. This engine was on my infamous pinto and then most recently on my tri-rad. it was geared at 15/40 on the tri-rad and was going 37-38mph. with stock gearing it would easily do 40mph + . i just had it geared low so it could pull up any of the hills.

Bottom End

It is a ZA50 that is composed of half NOS parts. It was completely rebuilt by Ben from Westcoastmopeds.com about a year ago and has about 300-500 miles on it.

Top End

It comes with a 50cc RGD top end which is about the most power you can possibly get out of 50cc's. it has large transfer ports large exhaust and intake ports and has boost ports on the piston. comes with a puch high compression head too.


this was a 12mm bing that i bored out to 16+mm probably my best bore job i have done and has a drilled out jet too. all ready to slap on and go. It is missing 1 screw on the top plate though which is easily replaced.


an almost brand new Leovinci puch pipe. this is a 2 piece pipe that has fantastic power. It's loud as shit too lol. it has maybe 100 miles on it.

If you have any doubts about the engine, just ask someone who was at the creatures rally. This thing flies even on 3 wheels. imagine what it can do on 2.

I am selling it because i need the money to fix my monza, believe me i am sad to see it go. attached is the only pic i have of it right now.

$275 shipped anywhere in the continental US


Re: FS: Complete kitted fast 2speed puch engine

Dude, my Doppler kit is 50cc's and it'll blow your RGD into last week.

Re: FS: Complete kitted fast 2speed puch engine

friggin frenchies.

Re: FS: Complete kitted fast 2speed puch engine

true, your doppler does rock. do they make it for puch? ............................ no, thought not.

suck on it you conehead =P

SOLD!!! SOLD !!!! SOLD!!!!

sorry suckers, too late.

Re: SOLD!!! SOLD !!!! SOLD!!!!

Since your _move parts_ What else do ya have?

and if this deal falls thru,, E-mail me


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