WTB? Pinto Moped

Looking to buy a JC Penny Pinto moped complete or just frame. It doesn't have to be running. Preferably in CT, RI, or MA but will consider longer distances for a good deal.

Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

i know someone with one in ohio

Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

I really want to find one in New England but can't seem to locate any. Were these only sold in certain areas of the country cause they all seem to be mid-west to west coast.

Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

Kev, how much for the one in Ohio? Could you find a price for me or direct me to the owner? Thanks.

Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

Hey, I've got a 1978 JC Penny Pinto for, in CO. It's running. good condition. the pic. is grainy.


Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

Here is the guys phone number. I am not sure if he wants to sell it or not but its worth a try!

330 242 2156

his name is jeff

Good Luck!!


Re: WTB? Pinto Moped

saw this one on ebay.

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