Are you hooked on CRACK?

Babies mama is in jail?

Standing on that street corner all day and still aint found Jesus?

Food stamps long gone?

That brother from another mother still pissed you stole his

pick up truck, and his 5 star Puch Mags?

Need money?

I'm here to help, just head into your local library, sign up to use the

internet and email me here.

I'll gladly get you back on your feet, one trip to the post office

and put thosse 5 stars in the mail, I will gladly send you a handsome

paypal amount.


Re: Are you hooked on CRACK?

Nice!.....But I dont have 5 stars...

Re: Are you hooked on CRACK?

The idea isn't a bad one. I just don't think mopeds were ever big in the neighborhoods with crack addicts on the street corners. Unless I am drastically out of touch with MTV.

I know I don't have money for crack. I just bought another Motobecane :0) Mamma needs a new variator.

Re: Are you hooked on CRACK?

LOL already sold them LOL

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