moped for sale

im looking to get $450 obo for this moped it runs great i just need to clear out some bikes i also have cady for $300 obo it also runs. email :


Re: moped for sale

That pic looks like it is from 1970. Is that an updated pic?

Peterpatch scene no good for peds?

I used to live in Peterborough,

Re: moped for sale

no iv just gotta sell some of my mopeds im buying a dirt bike soon hopefuly so if some one is interested in this thig e-mail now its got to go !!!!


Re: moped for sale

oh and the pics are new its just my camara is junk ....

Re: moped for sale

Will you havea pic of the Cady? will pay to ship to VA

Re: moped for sale

Jason Luther /

what is that an instamatic camera? nice garelli though

Re: moped for sale

i would consider shipping it but im not to sure about it mostly depends on cost

Re: moped for sale

- Summerai - First Ben /

lol, that van in the background doesnt help anything. Sure you're not stuck in the 70s or something?

Re: moped for sale

yea it seems like that when you think about it actuly lol but the older stuff is the coolest

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