In Germany..Sachs Parts???

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble finding places here in Germany that sell Sachs parts. I want to find air filters, gastkets, carb parts, pretty much everything.

I know some people have purchased manual motors across seas, so I would like to ask if anyone knows a place where I can find sachs parts. Also, how do people find the left side shifting mechanism for their manual engines?

Thanks everyone, and maybe if I find a place, I could help bring back some parts.


Re: In Germany..Sachs Parts???

hey kyle,

i have an older sach moped and it runs. It has problems like needing new brake cables, new headlight, etc. It still runs though and i can drive it around at 25mph. its a 1991 i believe, or around there. I still have the manuel for it. I live in Ohio. i am goin to sell this moped because i dont have the time to fix it up. if u are interested in it for parts, contact me. To answer your question, sach is made overseas and i have realized too that the parts are hard to get. if u are interested, reply or email me,


P.S. i have pictures and i can post them if u want

Re: In Germany..Sachs Parts???

Re: In Germany..Sachs Parts???

Thanks for the help guys.

Tim, as of now I'm not interested in your offer. Thanks for offering to sell your ped for parts.

I'm really looking for the hard to get stuff like 2 speed engines, cables and carbs. Looks like ebay is the best bet.



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