WTB !!!!! One speed puch motor

I need a puch one speed motor.

I am willing to spend up to 125 WITH shipping.

MUST BE 100% COMPLETE, does not have to be running



no bullshit, no flakes, etc..

Re: WTB !!!!! One speed puch motor

I have a one speed that is in really crappy shape but would be good for a rebuild.

Re: WTB !!!!! One speed puch motor

Maitland Of the Loin /

i might have a one speed after this weekend. or a two speed I havent decided what my new motor is going on

Re: WTB !!!!! One speed puch motor

I got one with 500miles on it. have to see if its worth it to me after shipping from kentucky. ill give it to you for 60 if you have a set of 5star mags youll send me. Trade streight up for mags and a magnum fairing. talk to the fleet and see what they got.

Re: WTB !!!!! One speed puch motor

i have 2

one is totally seized hardcore, from a 1984 maxi, and i don't have the head but i have one from a 1980 maxi that would work... i'd let it go pretty cheap probably

the other is probably soft seized.. i have to check it out more.. and it's from a 1985 maxi and has the high-torque cylinder and head... i may or may not part with this one though

let me know if you're interested

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