LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe

Looking for a biturbo performance pipe for a puch just like the attached pic (aluminum end not gold).

Everywhere I've looked- ebay, mopedwarehouse, 1977 mopeds, ect.... doesn't have them in stock.

Is there somewhere else to look?



Re: LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe

Ps. Thats a bullet exhaust in the pic, not a biturbo. Both pipes are very similar so it doesn't really matter, but the bullet has a cooler looking silencer.


Re: LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe

Thought they were the same, thanks for the clarification. Same performance?

Re: LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe

Jordan Caughey /

Actually I think the Bullet yeilds slightly higher top speed.

Re: LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe


Re: LF/WTB puch biturbo pipe

i prefer the bullet

dan from 1977 told me they should have those in stock soon

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