FS: 1979 Red Motobecane Mobylette *Cheap*

I have a Red 1979 Motobecane Mobylette Moped. The only things it needs are both chains, a carburator, possibly tires; because they are flat and I haven't had time to fill them up, as well as a few cables. Other than that, this bike is in great condition. I live near San Luis Obispo, CA. So let me know if your interested. When it's complete and running it could be worth 450-500 dollars. The moped is identical to the one pictured, however it is red instead of blue.


Re: FS: 1979 Red Motobecane Mobylette *Cheap*

I forgot to mention that I'm selling the moped for $250.

Re: FS: 1979 Red Motobecane Mobylette *Cheap*

ill buy the engine,name the price

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