1960 Riverside (Motobecane) FS

After much wringing of hands I have decided to pass on a 1960 Wards Riverside (Motobecane) Ped someone offered to me. Partially because I have other projects going, partially because it's a six hour drive each way to pick it up, and patially because when I told the wife about it her eyes rolled up in her head, over the top and around again from the bottom. kinda scary.

Anyway I thought I would pass it along in case anyone here is interested.

It is orange, looks to be parts complete and in decent enough shape to restore. The guy wants $150.00 USD for it. Located in northern Minnesota (Thief River Falls). No title, but the guy will provide a Bill of Sale with the required information to get it registered.

If your interested send me your e-mail addy and I will forward the pictures.

I am not the person selling this. I am the person not buying it.

-Tim B.

Re: 1960 Riverside (Motobecane) FS

If it were closer, I'd own it. I would love to have it.

Re: 1960 Riverside (Motobecane) FS

Tim i am interested; send me the pics and his info Please; JC gopeds2@yahoo.com

Re: 1960 Riverside (Motobecane) FS

Love the field goal clip, reminds me of my grandma. LOL

Re: 1960 Riverside (Motobecane) FS

If the moped can be delivered to the cities, I'll buy her for the full price and then some for bringing her down here. I'd love to have an old Motobecane especially if its one that turns over. See if you can get pics from that guy or something.


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