Fs...Morini Parts

well the picture covers everything for sale


stator plate





rear sprocket



this was all off an old malguti i had years back which had a morini engine...im not sure which engine but it was morini

what you see if what you get

best offer takes it


Re: Fs...Morini Parts

Jason Luther /

how much for the magneto and rear sprocket?

Re: Fs...Morini Parts

ill say 25 plus an extra 10 for shipping

i accept either check or money order

i will email you my address so you can send it out

Re: Fs...Morini Parts


Re: Fs...Morini Parts

Robert Susinski /

how much for the cylindar head?

Re: Fs...Morini Parts

lets say 15 plus shipping so about 20

do we have a deal?

Re: Fs...Morini Parts

Robert Susinski /

Yeah we have a deal...email me your address. Send it to CoasterRob@yahoo.com. Thanks

Re: Fs...Morini Parts

everything except for the head is still available

make an offer

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