59Vespa For Sale $3200

No picture yet but this is a restored 59 Vespa 125, bored out to 150, with restoration done by Bob Darnell at Vespa of Phoenix -- all white and excellent condition -- not used after restoration

If interested, call me at 602-62-2391

Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

Try a scooter site

Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

You're way off. Go to ebay or craigslist. Nobody's going to pay that here... Plus it's a scooter.

Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

yeah it's a 150cc, and a 1959, probobly well worth the money. You guys know alot about 59 vespas do you? Right...

Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

i don't see anything wrong with posting it here, a lot of folks who are interested in mopeds are interested in scooters, mainly vespas as well. least he's not sellin' damn cell phones. post a pic, i've got no money but i'd like to see it


Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

Hi all:

I am really sorry if I messed up; chalk it up to a lack of aesthetic understanding of the difference between mopeds and scooters -- maybe that explains why it has sat in my garage for so long....Judith

Re: 59Vespa For Sale $3200

Don't worry about it.

This board's full of bored people.


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