TWO 50v's in MASS

For sale:

two Black Motobecane 50Vs. i'm not sure on the year or the milage. i aquired these a while back and haven't gotten around to putting any work into them, but if you know anything about motobecanes, you should be able to get them running. one of them is mostly assembled, the other is mostly in a box. one has mint mags (missing a seat), the other has a long seat and wire rims. i'm not particularly interested in parting them out. if you want one or the other, i'll do that, but i don't want to pick off parts and ship them out one at a time.

If you buy both bikes you should have plenty to get one running. maybe you'll need a piston and rings? i'm not really sure. one has an '03 registration sticker on it, the other has a '78 sticker, so one was running fairly recently.

i'm in hopkinton ma, if you want to come look. you can pick them up, or i can deliver, but i'm gonna charge you for gas. you'll pay $3 per 20 miles, as i get approx 20 to the gallon in my truck. i think that's reasonable.

let me what you want to pay.



Re: TWO 50v's in MASS


Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

I'll see your $100

and raise you 50


Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

ill see your 150 and raise you an apple!

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

Maitland Of the Loin /

I totally want the mags, but you are not parting out and that makes me a sad panda :(

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

ok so we got the highest bidder with kenneh~ for $150 plus an apple

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

ewwww. an apple... I'm scared

I'll raise you an Apple Pie A'La Mode Motherfucker

Thats right. Ice cream on top.

amd I aint talkin' about no shitty Massachusetts Apples here.

Sweet Sweet Maine apples

mmm just thinking about those sweet Maine apples is making me hungry.

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

ok ill take that Apple Pie A’La Mode and raise you a gallon size bag of fresh grass!

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

Who would have thought the day of bidding with food products would have came so soon.


Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

ps i'm also willing to trade for stuff.

my puch maxi could use a new carb, and a performance exhaust.

or i'll trade for just about any running ped.

or just money. your call.

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

Dan i see you're in maine. how would you want to do the exchange?

would you pick up, would i drop off, would we meet halfway?

i hate to suck, but if you want me to deliver it anywhere (including halfway) i'm gonna charge you gas money because gas is expensive (which is why i ride peds)

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

kenneh how would you want to pick up/have it delivered?

Pictures - 1st 50v

this is the first one.


Re: Pictures - 1st 50v



Pictures - box-o-parts

heres some parts


Re: Pictures - box-o-parts



Pictures - the better 50v

this is the better one


Re: Pictures - the better 50v



Re: Pictures - the better 50v



Re: Pictures - the better 50v



Re: Pictures - the better 50v

front mag wheel.

not as bad as it looks - just needs some cleaning


Re: Pictures - the better 50v

rear mag wheel. also needs some cleaning.

now SOMEBODY must want these!

that's the last picture. what you see is what you get


Re: Pictures - the better 50v

what is missing/broken on "the better 50v"?

Re: Pictures - the better 50v

konx, are these the ones you bought on here a while back? If they are, they looked to be in a lotbetter condition back then, so you can't be selling them for more than $100. The guy wanted $100 back then, so you must go cheap. If so, i am interested.

Re: Pictures - the better 50v

Oh, I have an offer on the table right now.

but if there is a story I would like to hear it.

If there is a known reason why one does not run I would like to know.

Re: Pictures - the better 50v

when i bought them back over the summer i was told that one should run with some tlc and some work. i was told that everything was there to make one run (using the other as a parts bike), but to make them run well, they'd need rings and possibly a new piston. the only picture posted when i bougt them a few months ago was the one i attatched with the very first post in the topic, so you can check that. i thought it would be nice to add some more detailed pictures as well.

you can ask mike (aka quick350) if you need more clarification. theyve literally sat in my basement since i bought them, and i'm finally coming to the realization that i don't have the time to deal with them, so i'm selling them.

that's the entire story.



Re: TWO 50v's in MASS


Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

One of the cylinders is new old stock from "Moped Junk Yard" Never used.

At the same time their was a new piston bought for the motor but it was used in another bike.

The motor in the pic (not on the bike) is in very good shape (Seals and Bearings) it's a non variated clutch .

Their was also an "S" type manifold in the box as well.

The other motor (still on the bike) was a running motor but the clutch was stuck but it may need to sit with some PB Blaster now that it's been sitting.

There is more then enough parts to get a running bike but I would spent the money on a new piston and rings to go with the "NEW Cylinder"

The Cylinder, Rims, Motors, Carbs, Intakes are well worth paying what ever he asks for.

Just because he was the first person to put money in my hand back a few months ago doesn’t mean he should lose out now.

But their was a mint long seat some wear in that package as well

Knox you are better off braking it down and selling it in parts shipped.

You'll make good money that way.

Mike (Quick 350)

Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

well you heard the man.

make offers.

hell, i'll part them if you want. what do you want? what do you want to pay?

let me know

mkelly still interested in the mags?


Re: TWO 50v's in MASS

give me a price on all the stuff. I know you said make an offer, but what are you trying to get?


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