WTB: Derbi Variant swingarm

something real bad happened, such that both arms of my swingarm (as well as my chain) snapped..

anyone got a part or a parts bike or know where i might source such an item?

curious if newer parts will be usable on a 79 variant TT.. or will I have to frankenstein it or something?

Re: WTB: Derbi Variant swingarm

try myrons mopeds here in so cal, if he has one, i can bring it up to the rally this weekend, might be as fast as shipping, let me know

Re: WTB: Derbi Variant swingarm

I have one. I was going to use it for a chopper kinetic project, but its not really going to work out. Anyway, its gold. $25 and its yours. I can bring it down to the rally if you like.

Email me off the board, and I'll hook you up.

Re: WTB: Derbi Variant swingarm

emailed! thanks mang

Re: WTB: Derbi Variant swingarm

I have your swingarm, Ben. call me.

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