WTB moped-MASS

friend is looking for a moped... preferably a top-tank.

any sales?


Re: WTB moped-MASS

I have a Puch Magnum XK for sale. It's a 78, 70cc, bullet exhaust, 1-speed. Runs great, new tires, new brakes, new throttle cable, 15mm Bing carb, high-compression head. Red, chrome, low-bars, no blinkers.

Asking 500.

Pics wont be available until the end of the week, sorry at school.

Let me know if you're interested. I'm in 01331 Mass, DannyMoped07 (AIM), Supermandan03@yahoo.com

Danny Moped

Re: WTB moped-MASS

how about a mint peugeot 103 sp? asking 500. here's a pic


Re: WTB moped-MASS

definatly will let him know.


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