Ohio Monster Mountaineer

I got a very nice mountain bike with an 80cc motor, chain driven (double roller guides). It is geared for about 34mph, but with a sproket change and a simple mod to the existing pipe, it is capable of 50mph, no problem. Weighs only 45lbs wet. It only has 50 miles on it so it is in new condition. Can go up hills like they dont exist, very quite running also. It is part of my collection that i am selling off.(8 bikes). It is a 21speed peedler with an in-out box. No clutch. Goes from 5mph to 30 in about 2 seconds. Price is $650. Has baskets mounted for travel storage also. Fuel is premix, gets about 120mpg. I had a few pics but crashed my computer about 3 weeks ago, lost everything. If interested give me a call> Mike at 440-632-0823 or shoot me an email> mikemjnhbg@alltel.net

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