Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Stolen moped - Buyer beware :

You guys are all over the internet buying moped stuff, yea? If you see this Minarelli Motron Medalist Classic moped or any of these parts (or anything that might possibly be related), email me with a link. ""

It was scooped up off the sidewalk at 10am in Portland.

It is titled in my name. Don't buy parts from moped theives unless you're ok with being a victim.

It has a 70cc kit and a polini franco morini pipe.

Now for the on-topic part : We need a throttle assembly for use on a Baretta. Anyone have a spare lying around?


Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Leon Swarmer /

any particuler reason you didn't post this in the discussion forum?

Doesn't help much to put in Portland without a state, province or shire.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

He did post this in the general discussion forum.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

I live in Portland Erin and I'll keep my eyes open for it. F***ing bike thieves ought to be shot. Way too much of it going on in this town. Mike

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

its a she and Portland Oregon, but if it appeared in or around another portland would it make a differnece?

I likely have a motobecane throttle assembly lying around.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Cool if you dig it up shoot me an email and we'll come pick it up, let me know what you want for it. We're kind of looking for another 14/12 dell'orto too if you have one of those... Zane the moped repair one-stop shop.

I posted here because people that are buying mopeds may want to know about stolen bikes (presumably stolen to be sold) So many are sold on the internet without papers, and there isn't really a registry of stolen bikes on here like there is on , so the place to post about a stolen bike isn't absolultely clear. It seemed more off topic in the general forum to me, and it also seems like a post there would be less effective.

Thanks for reading the topic. Sorry if I annoyed anyone.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Leon Swarmer /

Erin, Sorry about the attitude. I looked at today's and yesterdays posts and didn't see it listed. Now I've gone back and found it. And Orgon was posted then. I just sometimes get irritated with people who put out a city name or abbreviations or tri-city are that can mean so many different places.

Anyway, as someone else who has had a ped stolen, I feel your pain and I hope you recover it.

I was hoping that riders in your city would be on the lookout, but after reading the original post, it appears they are.

sorry again,


Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

I could drop off the throttle on wednesday morning on my way out of town. my last 14.12 is on its way to michigan, you can buy it back from 1977 mopeds...

whats your vin and where is it located? it would suck if we stole one back thinking it was yours.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

The VIN of the stolen bike is 07659, i think on the steering column- is that what you mean?

Other identifying factors :

wirebrush marks on the forks just above the boot where rust was removed

a small tear in the left side of the seat, a score all the way around the front mag wheel where the speedometer assembly got stuck and started digging in

the carburetor manifold is the 15mm intake that pushes the carb out to the left side, currently with a 16/16 Dell'orto carb

Many motron seat covers that I've seen have come loose, mine was glued back together

The Polini Franco morini pipe had two holes drilled into the baffle, and has melted plastic from the fan cover

The fan cover has been swapped from the one in the picture to a light grey one (that came on Pete's baretta) that is melted from the pipe. Grey is not the stock fan color for the black 1980 motron.

either that will help with identifying, or I suppose it will help with disguising it. oh well, what can I do. I think I'm as obsessed with finding it as I used to be with working on it. :/

I think my house would be out of the way for you in Sellwood. Let me know, we're in no hurry as we still don't have a working top end or wiring or anything else going for us.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Did your stolen ped ever come back?

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Oh yes - and the black motrons appear to all come with the strange springloaded rack on the top of the gas tank, and none of the other motrons appear to. So, even if the ped is painted a different color the rack (or rack mount holes) should be a giveaway.

Re: Stolen moped - Buyer beware

Leon Swarmer /

Alas, no and I'm still always looking. 2 years later. And yes, it was locked. Locks only keep honest people honest.

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