Hey=) I want to buy a honda Camino, and then i'm been checking out some rides at sales sites on the net! A guy her in Norway wants 2000kr (Norwegian kroner) = 310$ for his caminos!! Then i get 2,5 mopeds, non off the 2main mopeds are running, but thats why i want them! And the rest of the 2,5 is engines and camino parts!! Check out the picture and say what you think, is 310$ exspencive for two mopeds and lots of parts??


Frank Robert Telle

Re: Camino

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

Don't think so. 350 for both is a good deal. Many guys here would spend a ton to buy parts off of them (ie: the wheels).

Re: Camino

I know, talked with a guy on myspaces from US and he asked me several times, if i could get his a couple of wheels for his hobbit or something like that=)

The wheels at the blue on are sweet!! like the crome rime end colored inner! I think they are the early models and the other pair of wheels on the red one are the late models!!

If I buy them I'm going to try the wheels on the blue camino on my vespa Bravo! they work the same way i think!

So 300-350 is a good deal you mean?

I payed 500kr =80$ for my Vespa, only the headlight was missing, and it wasn't working! But I worked on it for some days and now it's running!!=) Check out the attachment, thats how my Vespa was the day i got it!! Can fix a newer pic if you want so see it now!!


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