Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need polini)

Hey so i have some stuff for sale or if you have a new or used polini i will trade you some of this and give you a better deal. I can ship any of this stuff if you want or i can bring it to the Creatures Rally or i can hold on to it for you untill the Tom Cruisers rally in December.

I would trade like $225 worth of stuff for a new polini or $150 worth of stuff for a used polini that has been broken in well. If you are seriously interested in something i can take pictures for you and shipping will be very cheap because i am working for a company that gets a great discount with UPS.

Puch Korado E-50 CDI Rollercrank Engine

This engine has CDI ignition, performance crank, HUGE transfer ports and does 40mph+ on 50cc's. The only thing that is wrong with it is the clutch arm doesnt have a spring but it engages fine and does not stay engaged when running. It just doesn't spring back into place once its started. it comes with the 50cc top end that has huge tranfer ports, boost ports on the piston and huge intake and exhaust ports. It also comes with a Supermaxi pipe that is in good condition and can come with an 18mm bing carb.

Whole engine = 150

Engine without top end = 125

Engine without top end or carb = 100

Puch magnum ZA50 2 speed engine

This engine is 90% complete. It is just missing a piston. It has seen better days but should run fine. There is just a little rust on the stator plate ect. ect. Crank and everything is in great shape. It comes with either a magnum cylinder and head or a #11 Cylinder and head depending on whether you want to put it on a maxi style bike or a magnum style bike.

Whole engine = $75

just the bottom end = $60

Puch Maxi Frames

I have a couple maxi frames, all are usable. One is blue with a bunch of scratches, one is sun faded so bad i cant tell what color it used to be, red maybe? One is Rattle Canned maroon ish.

each frame = $50

Silver powdercoated Magnum XK forks

Nice working set of forks that i had powdercoated silver. look real nice but not brand new. will fit on any puch moped to give it a beefier look.


Silver Puch 17inch Snowflake mag rims

In pretty decent condition and they even come with a used set of tires and tubes. They were from a magnum and have working brakes and all.


i also would be willing to sell the whole Korado bike if your really interested. it is blue and has 2 things wrong with it. the forks were bent in an accident and they have been re-welded. they work fine but there is an ugly spot on them. The front rim is bent and i dont know how to fix it. not really bad but bad enough that you wouldnt want to go over 15mph on it. other than that the bike is fine and the rims are super sweet white 5 star mags with that like ninja shuriken angle to them. not the normal 5 stars. I would sell the whole thing for $250 or $100 for just the frame.

call me at 415 509 1454 or email me at haroldiv@gmail.com


Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

bump. the korado engine is probably sold and the magnum forks are for sure sold.

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

$55 shiped to 40208 for the mags.....sory for the low ball but im poor.

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

i might be able to do 60$ shipped. will have to see what kind of shipping rate i can get.

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

How heavy are those wheels, Harold? (I work at UPS)

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

I want the Korado engine, Let me know if it is not sold.

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

I'll take the snowflake mags if you haven't sold them yet. Not sure if i'll make the rally, but someone could pick them up for me that is going for sure. let me know.

Re: Lots of puch parts for sale or trade (need pol

alright let me know

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