Puch for sale in Denver

I’m selling a 1977 Puch Maxi, yellow, not running. The engine is seized (I think). The body is in great condition, the seat was recently redone, as well as the clutch covers. I just bought it here, and do not have the time/money to fix it up right now. I paid $200 for it and am looking to just get that much back. It will be a sweet bike when you get it running.

There is a pic attached

Re: Puch for sale in Denver

save the pic in .gif or .jpg format I can't read *tif

Re: Puch for sale in Denver

yea didnt u buy that today? why buy it to sell it for the same amount. didnt that mean you lost money on going to get it?

Re: Puch for sale in Denver

no, not today, made my money back too.

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