need spare motor parts for my Garelli Katia


New to the forum, and its been a long time since I`ve been working on mopeds :-)

well here is the story: I`ve got a (i think it is) 1973 garelli katia.. it is in great shape, just needs a little TLC.. I`ve got it running but since I`m not a small guy anymore I managed to "CRUSH" the clutch house, the weight on the pedals broke the clutch house and oil where flowing out :-) (will add pictures)

What I`m looking for is spare parts to the bike, and i hope there is some out there :-)

Re: need spare motor parts for my Garelli Katia

i have a full garelli lower end if you still need one ill sell it for 50 bucks plus shipping im in central mass if you want to pick it up

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