OT- $70 shipping for Tomos wheels

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

Another laughable Florida one..

Nice 88% Ebay approval rating too!

Must come with that $1500 Honda Express from a while back.

"Always read the fine print before bidding to chumps like this": http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SET-OF-WHEELS-FOR-A-1997-TOMOS-LX-MOPED_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ84149QQihZ012QQitemZ220026891685QQrdZ1

Re: OT- $70 shipping for Tomos wheels

what a fucking douche. I just shipped 2 5 star mags with tires, brakes, complete weighing 28 lbs to gnarlyal for $14.25. Do these people think anybody is going to actually bid!? I think they think that their shipping price is hidden or something. Somebody close should buy them for the 99 cents, then surprise him and go pick them up. That would be awesome.

Re: OT- $70 shipping for Tomos wheels

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

They ended the auction yesterday and started this one back up after a big surprise, no bidder!

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