wtb:fast moped

i want to buy a fast moped or a scooter. I understand that you are a moped group but one of you have to own a moped or scooter that is really fast. I am dreaming about a nsr 50 ysr 50 or gsxr 50 but they are rare so i dont expect one. I have a spree, a vespa ciao, and possibly an elite to trade so if you have any info just post it. THANX

Re: wtb:fast moped

get a kreidler mp19

Re: wtb:fast moped

you might not expect 1 NSR-50 . . . well how about 2???

buy one. or both. i dare you. ;)


Re: wtb:fast moped

road tripper is definitely cool... Thanx alot i would have never found those. THANX ROADTRIPPER

Re: wtb:fast moped

thanks for the kind comments. i may print your reply off and put the quote on my business cards. ha ha.

glad i could (hopefully) help. i'm on that board fairly often and just saw those the other day. good timing more than anything else . . .

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