need asap:motobecane variator clutch

Is there anyone with a box O' parts that happens to contain a clutch drum for a variator clutch on a 51v(or 50v)? or the entire clutch, or hell, even clutch pads... used condition is fine, as long as they arent useless. I'm in Grand Rapids, Mi-

Thanks- 231-886-0120

Re: need asap:motobecane variator clutch

Maitland Of the Loin /

there is a whole variator on ebay NOS i belive

Re: need asap:motobecane variator clutch

ah yes, but that could take forever to get... Thanks for the idea, and I'll bid on it I think(assuming that this doesn't work), however in the mean time, if there is anyone out there who happens to have one in or near grand rapids, Mi, I would be much obliged- really

P.S. Thanks for the suggestion mkelly

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