Puch and Tomos Parts For sale

This is a better setup. I will label everything I have.

Tomos 2003 Style Rims and Stock Tomos Sava Tires-$40 SET

Tomos 2001 Style wheels, with no tires.-$30 SET

2001 Tomos Targa LX Frame and Tank With title-$70

Parts off of a 2003 Tomos Targa LX, With title.-?

Tomos Tranny gears, and clutches-$35

Tomos Revival A35 Case, with hole for electric start-$15

Puch front fender in white-$10

Puch rack-$10

Stock Puch exhaust-$15

Puch Pedal crank-$15

Puch airbox-$8

Lots of tomos engine side covers-$8 EACH

Tomos oil injection tanks-$5

12mm Bing Carb-$25

12mm Bing Parts carb-$10

Tomos Black plastic side covers-$ 30

Puch Airsal 70cc kit, with no piston-$35

Puch Stator and flywheel-$40?

Tomos Revival rear wheel-$30

Puch Hi torque head-$20

Puch #11? Cylinder-$45

Tomos Centerstand-$10

Puch spoke wheel set-$30 SET WITH TIRES

2 Delorito Carbs 14:12-$15 EACH

Tomos Cylinder head-$15

Tomos airbox-$8

Tomos stator and flywheel-$40

80mph speedo-$40

3 Tomos Dashs-$5 EACH

2 Tomos Speedometers, 1 white-$15 EACH

Puch centerstand-$12

Stock puch 30mph speedo and holder-$15

Tomos Revival swingarm-$20


That is all I can see in the pictures right now, but I will do more tomorrow. The pics are here, https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/2/92528/92528/


Re: Puch and Tomos Parts For sale

George Lewellen /

Hi Rick, please send me the total price of all Revival parts you have minus the swingarm and the wheel. Thanks, George

Re: Puch and Tomos Parts For sale

Rick. I want the:

Tomos Tranny gears, and clutches-$35

Tomos Black plastic side covers-$ 30

Give me a call later so I can come and pick up the parts.

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