Trade: Pair of Hobbits for a Toptank

Hi - I've got a pair of Honda Hobbits that I'd like to trade for a running and good condition top tank model moped (like a Tomos Targa LX - model or make not important at all...). No step-throughs please.

The 1st Honda is a 1979 yellow Pa50-II in GREAT condition... runs great, starts right up VERY easily (you can even get it started without pulling the decomress lever), only a couple little blemishes (cracked headlight cover that I have a replacement for, a few paint ships here and there), has a few mods (cosmetic: front basket, 2 side folding baskets, larger rear rack, nice diamond plate foot board...). It's plated, registered, and ready to go as is... always used REALLY good synthetic oil and 91 octane fuel (not sure why I use good fuel, maybe peace of mind...)...the 2nd ped is a 1978 PA50II. It's complete and with a little effort could be another great runner. Right now it could be used to keep the '79 running forever. It wouldn't take much (good cleaning, tank flush, carb cleaning, new plug...) to get it up and running but right now it's a non-starter.

I'd like to trade the set for a solid top tank moped... brand or model not important as long as it can reach 30mpg (give or take a couple mph). I'm in San Diego, and am willing to drive as far north as Los Angeles or Riverside to make a deal. I may even drive farther depending on the deal. I might also be willing to ship the set but "buyer" would pay for shipping the set and I would pay for shipping the one I'm getting. I can also include a '78 Krielder Flory parts bike (mostly complete) if you want it. So you can get 3 peds (one great runner, one REAL close to running, and one parts bike) for a single good running toptank.

Anyway, let me know and we can work something out - I'm in San Diego and can travel for a really good deal.

I'll try to get pics up soon as I can...


Re: Trade: Pair of Hobbits for a Toptank

Bump... if no trade is available - how about selling the pair outright?

$650 for the set... $500 for the runner.



Re: Trade: Pair of Hobbits for a Toptank

i got a top tank but i'm about as far away east from you as it gets north east ohio i got a 1999 tomos targa lx 70cc motor about 50 mpg biturbo exhaust amal carb missing plastic

Re: Trade: Pair of Hobbits for a Toptank

I might be interested... got any pics of it... is it in good running condition?

Oh, and if we did, I'd cover shipping the tomos, would you be willing to pay to ship the hobbits?


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