WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

Hey, Im sure all have seen my online quest for puch mags. Well, I dont want to have to contest with everyone who has moms money to buy moped parts so Ive extended my search to try to just replace my front wheel with a free spinning good replacement if its out there... Let me know if you have one. Oh and there is the pic for reference if anyone needs reminded what Im looking for


Re: WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

sorry, no wheel.

Just had to say,

"Nice Wonder Woman Shoe."

Did you paint that?

Re: WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

Haha, took me a second to realize what you were taliing about... Yea I painted that shoe. Its currently on sale at a skate shop here in Savannah where I sell me customized shoes. The price on those is a staggering $187 because with those you kill em all! haha but seriously it takes a LOT of time (handpainted stiches ARG!)

Re: WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

Incredible idea!

I love airbrushing also....

Here's one of mine.


Re: WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

Ah yes, I think weve been on this topic once before. Im just picking up pinstriping now and will be finishing a 68 harley road king in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for pictures of that!

Re: WTB: Puch NOSTALGIA front wheel

i admire that you trick out your puch and keep the stock saddle seat.

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