My Moped was stolen last night. I feel seriously violated, depressed, and hung out to dry with no source of heat. It was my last resort of transportation, my last means of economical survival. Now I have to figure out a way to get to work and back so I can pay it off! Keep my home and eat!

I am pleading to this Moped community that if they just so happen to be located near me or can assist me in finding a new moped in any way I would be so indebted and grateful. That is all I have to give at this moment is sincere love and respect. My money situation is rocky, but if a drivable moped could be found I can find a way. Get a loan from the bank or something I dunno.

Extending my gratitude to the MOPED ARMY for doing what they do. Much love from Rock Hill SC.

I'm inspired to innovate a security feature applicable to the moped design, possibly a tracking system that can be integrated. However I'm so depressed at the moment I cannot use my imagination thoroughly. I will post new messages if I am able to extract the information from the universal fabric of mind. Any collaborators would be welcome and would speed the engineering of such a feature. Possibly an external electric field zapping the assailant much to the effect of a stun gun if the moped is lifted from the ground or moved without the key in the ignition. I dunno yet, possibilities are endless.

PLEASE HELP! If you cannot anyway keep on pedding in the free world. I will join you again one day.... one day.

-Brandon Crandall

mopedder without a moped

Re: Theft

Hello Brandon; My sincere symptahy to your loss,hopefully it will be recovered. I am located in Richlands NC 28574. exactly where are you located. i have new mopeds,and some older ones also, i might be able to assist you in some way. i need to know exactly what you are asking,or looking,or wanting please.What kind and year and such did you loose??? and what you looking?? sorry for the Loss Jimmie

Re: Theft

Sorry to hear about that. A few years ago I was working on a custom moped for commuting someone ran (well carried off must have weighed 80 lbs) both chains were jammed. I hope they also found a hernia when the came home.

Back the the security system. I read an article about using a cheap prepaid cell phone's GPRS as a make shift GPS and being able o use it with google earth. Some of the kid friendly Cell phones already have a tracking function. I would be willing to pay a few extra buck a month to keep tabs of my new custom moped I am building up. i would love to help.

Not so sure about the tazing feature but 10000 at half and amp hurts bad especially in the saddle region but would not kill. A good farm supply store will have all the electric fence paraphanila you would need.

Re: Theft

jimmie you should hook him up with one of your 100 mopeds! C'mon, obviously he needs one BADLY!! Do it for the good karma man.

Re: Theft

Hey Jimmie. Good news and bad news. I found the Moped. Quite a funny story. Two black kids were riding around on their bikes around this dirt hill across the street in front of my house. It's kinda hidden in some brush. They came over and asked me if it was mine, I guess they remember me having one. Well I went and got it, sure enough it was mine less than 100ft from my house, lol. The headlight and accompaning housing panel were ripped off leaving me to find two loose red wires twisted together. The ignition was raped with a screwdriver but I found out that if you turn it right it still works. And the locking mechanism on the steering column has been busted.

I'm trying to fix it right now, or rather find out why it won't start, there's no electrical power. And the kickstart feature isn't working either. So I have to find out what's wrong, how to fix the steering column and then re connect the wires properly. Could you give some communincative assistance to this effort? Are you familiar with honda mopeds and this newest Metropolitan model?

Thanks for your offering, I am still quite interested even though I've found my moped, and even though it's fucked up.

2006 honda metropolitan salsa red 49cm3. That's what I have now. I WANT more mopeds to begin fixing up and tuning. I have plans to integrate one to run off of water. To kickstart an alternate fuel campaign. That's another story.

But yeah I would just like to get some half running mopeds, running mopeds, and what not. I feel that a proper frankenstein can be engineered with the proper "junk." Even though it's good junk.

Please let me know what's going on with you and where I can go to see all your mopeds, prices and what not. I would appreciate all the help you can give in this endeavor and hope that we can form some type of nurturing relationship in a group effort.


Re: Theft

Good for you man. Fucked up or not, at least you got it back!! Glad to hear it, it usually dont end up that way. Being a 2006 you probobly spent a chunk of change on it too huh.

Re: Theft

Yeah. I ended up paying way too much. My first experience buying a new moped. I still owe 2600 on it. I think Hager Honda raped me. Bought a stupid warranty that I shouldn't have. But I'm establishing credit, by giving them money. So I'll just have to deal with it. But I learned some really good lessons.

Update: 15amp fuse was blown. So I took one from my subaru and hooked it up. I connected the two wires that the theiver hooked up, one red with a blue stripe, one red with a green stripe. When I hook them together the wires I hooked up the fuse with start to get warm but don't blow the fuse. The lights come on and the fuel pump starts to click. I pull the brake and push the starter button and hear extra clicking coming from the ECU area but no starter firing. It still won't kick start. I can't figure out where those wires were supposed to go. They've been pulled from their original connectors and I have no idea where they went.

Re: Theft

Here's the two wires. I doubt this can help but hey, I need to try something.

Re: Theft

The fuse with the wires attached is the blown fuse. I used the blown fuse connector coupled to two extended wires to hook up the 15amp fuse from my car. The connectors were unequal in size and shape and this is the only way I could think to rig it up. Also in the previous picture I think those two wires were secured in the red connector in the background. However when I follow the wires down to a separate connector, the wires are not connected together as the theiver had them. And I don't understand why two wires labeled different would be connected together. So I'm still trying to find out what device the wires run to.

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