Advice, Please!

Hi! I'm a new member of the moped army, and under false pretences, at that. I acctually do not yet own a moped, but I'm looking to buy.

I could really use some advice!

I'm looking to buy this yellow 1980 Honda PA50 but I want to make sure I'm getting something worth my money, time, and TLC.

The man is asking $500, which I believe to be a little steep. It has about 1850 miles on it, is a two stroke engine, and has not title- which leaves the hassle of obtaining one/plates to me. He says it runs very reliably and starts right up.

Can you help me make a smart buy? What kind of quesitons should I be asking and what sort of price is reasonable?

Any advice would make a world of difference!


Re: Advice, Please!

it looks to be in really nice shape and if it runs as reliable as the guy says it does, then i don't think $500's that bad a price for it. but you could tell him that getting the title's going to be a hassle and offer him $450. that would be an all right deal, i would say. it looks really nice and very clean.

Re: Advice, Please!

I agree with Motormatic. I had a 79 PA50 1 and it was a great little moped. Ran great, very quiet and smooth riding. The one you are looking at should run about 30 mph.

Search the postings on this site for PA50. I found a ton of good information about these mopeds

Go ahead and get it and enjoy the ride!!

Re: Advice, Please!

Hello Maria and welcome to Swarmming and Destroying; if you are not in a Hurry there are lots of mopeds in your state; every day they are on ebay and Moped army; the yellow one looks good though i didnt get any info on it. Be careful though ok and good Luck Jimmie

Re: Advice, Please!

If all else fails, make sure you get at least a bill of sale, so you have proof of ownership in some form that way.

I love yellow!


Re: Advice, Please!

oooh- construction yellow... Hell yes. Idea- ask the guy if it comes with the matching drill... And a hard hat.... then it would be a great deal

Re: Advice, Please!

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

You might also want to take a look at this article, it should help you when you go look at the bike. You also should take in consideration that a title and plate with cost around $150, whether you go through the state or use to get a title. Check your local laws.

Re: Advice, Please!

Thanks! That cracks me up...

Re: Advice, Please!

Better than traffic yellow. I hate that.

Yeah, with that thing, you're gonna hafta find a hardhat looking helmet!

Too funny, but I still like that yellow.


Re: Advice, Please!

well maria I think the guy from brooklyn gave you the best 'machinical ' advice with the attachment. you should talk him down to 400.00 easy with out title . If you want to go to google and look up your bike . if there are several places to buy parts then you have a safe buy for a beginner. if the bike were rare then you would be in trouble. when and if you get this bike look for a manual . an origingal is best. then pick up one or two good moped / smallmotorcycle repair books (local library) read them . they will tell you a lot of what can go wrong. you should get a good set of (metric) specific tools for your bike . carry them with . you do not need a whole set of metric wrenches if most of your major nuts and bolts are 10 - 15 mm which most should be. learn how to do routine maintence. they all need it . they are fun . hope you get to ride in a state that does not require helmets . then you will not have to worry about matching that yellow.

Re: Advice, Please!

Thanks! Great advice from all of you! Yes, I will ask about the hard hat..that is really too funny!

Re: Advice, Please!

tell him you'll give him $450 if he throws in the chair and the drill in the background of the picture.

best of luck.

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