WTB: Dellorto SHA

Anyone got a stock Dellorto for a Tomos that they want to sell? There's gotta be leftovers from all you kit guys....

Re: WTB: Dellorto SHA

I have 2 sha 14.12 if thats the one you need.

Re: WTB: Dellorto SHA

For $40 I got a 15mm sha dellorto carb.

Re: WTB: Dellorto SHA

Joshua Heidenreich /

do you still have that 14.12? if so how much would you like for it?

Re: WTB: Dellorto SHA

Maitland Of the Loin /

can i see a picture of the 15> i want to get one of those soon

Re: WTB: Dellorto SHA

someone can have one of my 14.12 for 35 shipped, then ill gladly buy your 15mm

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